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The benefit of living in harmony with nature

The benefit of living in harmony with nature

My breathtaking experience at the top of Fansipan, Sapa, Vietnam

Being with nature helps people to reduce stress, improves creativity and more focus. With a background of marketing and communications, I thrive in dynamic environments and digital life. Balancing between nature and technology makes my mind more clear and open. By this way, it improves creativity and more focus. It also supports healthy lives and promote well-being in the community.

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There are lots of benefits to your mental health

Many researches showed benefits of nature to mental health. Actually, being with nature helps people to reduce stress. Because it helps to reduce anxiety while our bodies release less cortisol and more natural endorphins, which promotes happy thoughts and good feelings.

Furthermore, being in the fresh air and less noise pollution makes our minds are more clear and open. It improves creativity and more focus. Besides, being with nature makes us more calm and balanced. The muscles are not tensed when relaxed. It helps to reduce blood pressure and normalize heart rate. 

Professor David Strayer, University of Utah, have been conducting a amazing research about brain-based measures of cognitive restoration. In his talk, David shared that spending time in nature allows the brain to rest and restore. Average of American spends more than 10 hours a day in front of digital screen and less than 30 minutes a day outside. Only about 2% of population are really good at multitasking, the rest of us are not. It is the way that brain works. More than that, multitasking wastes 25% of the workday, increases stress levels, links to neurotransmitter dopamine (a reward center in your brain) and behavioral addiction, and causes human errors.

That being said, it is crucial for us to balance technology with time spent in nature and allow our brains to be rested and restored.

My passion in gardening and sustainability

With a background of Marketing and Communications, I thrive in dynamic environments. Without a doubt, I can utilize my creative thinking and analytical mindset to develop marketing and communications strategies that deliver impactful results. On the other hand, beyond my professional endeavors, I am captivated in gardening. I find solace and joy in nurturing plants, witnessing their growth, and embracing the harmony between nature and human intervention. 

As a Corporate Social Responsibility Leader, I had learnt and practiced about Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in business. Being said that, my passion for gardening and marketing harmoniously with my deep interest in SDGs. Importantly, I firmly believe that companies have a crucial role to play in driving positive change and shaping a sustainable future. By integrating sustainable practices into their operations, businesses can not only minimize their ecological footprint but also foster social responsibility and contribute to the well-being of communities.

Certainly, combining my professional expertise with my personal passion for sustainable development goals, I am dedicated to making a meaningful impact in the world. 

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